Hi, I'm Susan!

I believe in staying curious, simple joys, and that less really is more.  I credit my start in art with my mom enrolling me in classes alongside my younger brother when we were in elementary school.

My minimal aesthetic probably comes from my education and former career as an architect.  I've worked on large teams designing buildings and campuses and eventually moved into interior design working on small projects sometimes with only a few people. Architectural design requires making clear decisions on everything you're putting into your drawings. Every line you draw on a floor plan has a reason to be there and can mean the difference of leaving enough room for someone to feel comfortable at their desk or totally cramped. 

I learned a lot about being thoughtful about space from architecture.  I hope you can catch glimpses of that thoughtfulness come through in my work and what I share around here too.

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Photographs by:    Ragi and Amanda

Photographs by: Ragi and Amanda

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