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September: Free Monthly Wallpapers

Here we are. Hello, September! August was a blur, did you have a busy month too? I never used to reflect on what happened in the past in order to help continue setting goals for the future, but recently I've been doing more of this. I think it is in part due to this planner that I've been using more lately. It was gifted to my by a friend and it took me the better part of this year to figure out how to make it part of my daily workflow, but now I love it.

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August: Free Monthly Wallpapers

Our 2nd wedding anniversary is this month and knowing us, we will probably be completely happy celebrating by making sure that neither of us is getting each other a gift and having a low-key dinner somewhere. 

It’s funny because both of us grew up in households that weren’t big into celebrating occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries and even holidays were always, and still are, quite low key. It makes it easy for us and so much less stressful. I’m going to say on behalf of both of us that we’re thankful that we have the same style of non-celebration. But now that I’ve written it out like that, it just makes us seem strange and boring. But at the end of the day we know the love is there! And that’s all that matters, right?

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July: Free Monthly Wallpapers

It’s July 1st and the halfway point of the year - did you see that coming?  We have another half year ahead of us and I'm pretty sure, like me, you have many more goals you are looking forward to accomplishing before 2018. 

Sometimes though, I think we spend so much time looking ahead that we forget to reflect on all the good things that have already happened or even forget to live in the present.  I find that the idea of practicing daily gratitude is way to reflect and remind yourself of all the good things that are happening everyday.

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May: Free Monthly Wallpapers

And just like that, it’s May.  Which means the free monthly wallpaper is available!  I have got to stop being amazed at how fast time goes, because it never slows down.  But honestly, I feel like I blinked and April was almost over! If you’ve been following along on instagram, you probably know I started this 100 day project in April where I create a watercolor piece everyday for 100 days.  If that’s the case, you’ll recognize this abstract floral. It looked very May-ish to me, so I digitized it for this month’s desktop and phone wallpaper.

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April: Free Monthly Wallpapers

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ll recognize these watercolor sage leaves I painted a little while back! I finally digitized them and turned them into desktop and mobile wallpapers for you to download and use this month. 

Changing my desktop wallpaper every month forces me clean up all those stray icons and files that tend to accumulate over time. It’s nice to start the new month with a clean desktop, isn’t it? I also have this thing with calendars. Sometimes they are helpful, but other times I just don’t want all those extra numbers in my face. So, I made a version without a calendar that’s just a background for anytime you want some sage leaves in your life.

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