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Getting Organized

Stuff.  We all have it.  Some of us have more and some of us have less.  But no matter if you have a little or a lot, I strongly believe that finding a way to organize it and put it away is one of the secrets to making your space feel and look more beautiful.  An organized and clutter-free space just feels more comfortable.  You don't really even need to buy all the candles, flowers, decor and other pinterest-y accessories to make a space nice.  That's really just like adding sprinkles on top of your ice cream: looks cute, but the ice cream was already delicious without them.

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Learning Calligraphy: 3 Things I Used to Start + 3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

I finally had a good reason to learn calligraphy after we got engaged in January 2015. That way I could address our invitation envelopes and letter some small paper goods for our wedding day. I had some notes I had taken from a friend with suggestions on how to learn on my own so I dug them out and that’s where I started. After completing all the calligraphy for our wedding day (which looking back at it now was definitely NOT great - see photo above!) I didn’t pick up the pointed pen again until the start of 2016.

After stepping away for more than 6 months, it was almost like I was starting over again. Except this time, I started a new instagram account just for calligraphy and discovered so many resources! I thought it would be helpful to share what resources I used when I first started learning compared to what I wish I knew when I started. Now, this doesn’t mean that the tools I used when I started were bad, I just think there are BETTER resources for someone that is just starting out.

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