Spice up your Holiday Gift Wrap with these 5 accessories

Spice Up Your Holiday Gift Wrap With These 5 Accessories

I have always loved wrapping gifts.  I would volunteer to wrap my mom’s client gifts when I was a kid and even created handmade cards for them.  Nowadays, I don't always get to spend time putting extra thought into wrapping gifts, though. Because, who has time for that?  It’s just easier to buy a gift bag, throw some tissue in it and call it a day, you know?  To be honest, sometimes that does the job, but other times, it’s really nice to put more thought into the act of gift giving.

My favorite is when the recipient is just as excited by the wrapping as they are about receiving the gift.  Especially when they say it’s too nice to open or want to save the packaging - then you know you’ve made an impression.  I just think it makes the gift extra special!

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How to get this look

For this holiday season I gathered a few items (some of these things you can get for free) and wrapped some simple, but festive presents.  If you want to know how to get this look for your holiday gifts this year, here's what I used:

Gift Wrap:  For this look, I think any simple pattern or solid wrapping paper would work - it doesn't even need to be a traditional holiday print - just adding accessories will make it feel festive!

Make it festive with these 5:

1. String:  I love that with skinny string you can vary the look of different gifts by doubling up the string or looping it around multiple times in one direction. With one roll of string, you can achieve different looks just by changing up how you tie it.

2. Silver Bells: I just love the way these sound and instantly put gifts into the “holiday” category!

3. Pine Cones: I picked up these pine cones while walking Rae in the park nearby.

  • Pine Cones (free, thanks to the pines trees)

  • If you don't have any pine trees around, you can find them at almost any craft store during the holiday season

  • I think cinnamon sticks would work too!

  • Pine cone attachment tip: Push/thread the string into the natural space between the scales of the cone. You will want to tie it back to the main cross strings on the gift to secure it.

4. Holiday Greens:  If you see any pine trees or have a rosemary bush you can trim a few greens from, you could add these to your gifts for free!  I bought a bunch of holiday greens from Trader Joes for $4.99 which included a mix of different greens and it was perfect for this!

5. Gift Tags:  An essential if you need to label the gifts so they don't get mixed up and make it extra personal. I like keeping these plain and simple too:

  • Kraft gift tag (small) by Recollections from Michaels

  • Here are some similar tags if you can't find them at Michaels (I had to go to another store because it was out of stock at my local location!)

That’s it! Just a few simple accessories and you can make plain or simple gift wrap festive.  I hope that you enjoyed this post. Sometimes it can be overwhelming figuring out what exactly to buy because there are so many choices out there.  I definitely bought a few additional ribbon colors and bell colors that I didn’t end up using and returned.  A good reminder that keeping it simple still looks nice and can even save you some extra money.  I hope you have a fun holiday season this year and that you enjoy wrapping up all the gifts you’ll be gifting!

Happy Holidays!


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