July: Free Monthly Wallpapers

It’s July 1st and the halfway point of the year - did you see that coming?  We have another half year ahead of us and I'm pretty sure, like me, you have many more goals you are looking forward to accomplishing before 2018. 

Sometimes though, I think we spend so much time looking ahead that we forget to reflect on all the good things that have already happened or even forget to live in the present.  I find that the idea of practicing daily gratitude is way to reflect and remind yourself of all the good things that are happening everyday.

To some, it may sound silly, but there is research that shows that people who practice gratitude are more optimistic, have more energy, and even have stronger immune systems.  I started practicing daily gratitude in April this year, but I didn't start randomly.  I only started because a doctor told me to. January through March was a dark place for me.  I have an autoimmune disease that affects my kidneys and my body was in a downward spiral at the start of this year.  (I have a feeling I know why, but that's another story.)  I spent 3 months not feeling like myself, my entire body was swollen with edema, and lab tests just kept getting worse and worse.  I felt like I had no control of my body.  A friend recommend this book written by Dr. Wahls, so I decided to try and take back control of the only thing I could: what I put into my body and how I treated it.  So I followed her advice: I changed my diet, started sleeping more, reduced stress, and even started a journal where I recorded what I ate, symptoms, daily gratitude, and one good thing that happened everyday.  

In her book, she emphasizes how stress and mental health play a big part in our overall physical health and now I am a firm believer.  And also because I am imperfect, I get lazy and there are days I forget or just don't take the time to sit down and journal.  But now I can tell a difference when I don't journal for a few days.  I feel more anxious and less focused, sometimes more negative.  By consistently thinking about all the good things happening in my life, I really do believe it has played a part in resetting my mental state and in turn, it is only helping the rest of my body.  The blood work and lab results don't lie and how I actually feel doesn't lie, either!

So for those of you out there that may need to hear this, I encourage you to try practicing daily gratitude.  Or at the very least, reflect on all the good things that have happened so far this year. Celebrate the victories, however small, from the past 6 months.  What are you grateful for, happy about, or proud of?

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