Getting Organized

Stuff.  We all have it.  Some of us have more and some of us have less.  But no matter if you have a little or a lot, I strongly believe that finding a way to organize it and put it away is one of the secrets to making your space feel and look more beautiful.  An organized and clutter-free space just feels more comfortable.  You don't really even need to buy all the candles, flowers, decor and other pinterest-y accessories to make a space nice.  That's really just like adding sprinkles on top of your ice cream: looks cute, but the ice cream was already delicious without them.

I might have a problem...

  • I’ve been called the opposite of a hoarder by friends that have helped me move because they were surprised at the little amount of belongings I had. I think that's an extreme statement though. Believe me, I still have a good amount of stuff and I still work hard to resist acquiring things I might not need!

  • One time on a trip to visit a friend, she gave me free reign on her kitchen and living room and asked me to help her organize. She told me later that her boyfriend at the time said I did more in 3 hours than she had done in a year. I am really impressed because she’s also kept it up since then! And THAT’s the hardest part!

  • When I know people are coming over I like to make sure everything is put away and I randomly start tidying up the silliest things. Like arranging the pillows, folding the throw blankets and putting away random tchotchkes that are lying around. (By the way, I always thought it was spelled “chatchkis” until I googled it just now). My husband definitely calls me out on it and thinks I’m really weird (not going to deny that). But in my head, it’s me just trying to be polite by having a comfortable and tidy place for people to hang out in.

My mood is always better when my home and workspace is organized.  I think this is probably true for most people.  Less clutter in your space means less clutter in your brain, right?  Sometimes all you have to do is put things away.  But what happens is the insides of your drawers become a junkyard pile of clutter.  Things get buried, and we think we need more bandaids, so we buy more, only to find years later we already had 3 boxes.  Call me strange, but giving thought, care, and attention to really putting things in order behind closed doors (and drawers) is just as important.  When you open the drawer it’s like a breath of fresh air!  No?  Just me?  Ok then.

New Desk + Drawer Organization

We recently replaced a drawer-less desk with an Ikea table top and drawer unit, so of course I spent an afternoon collecting our office and art supplies and organizing them. Prior to this, I was keeping most of my art supplies in an old rolling organizer in the closet (like one of these).  I still use the rolling organizer for less often used art supplies and keep it stored in a closet.

Here’s a few photos of how the drawers look!  I bought two Ikea box sets because they fit perfectly in the drawers and also combined them with other drawer organizers we already had.  


Opening these drawers makes me happy!  If you’re looking for more inspiration to organize your life I recommend Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  There are still areas that I want to tackle - like my jewelry and accessories.  So if you have any tips - let me know!