Navy and Blush Wedding Invitations

Towards the end of 2016, I started working with Jamie and Will on paper goods, signage and other design details for their upcoming wedding.  It’s been fun working with Jamie since she is a DIYer and planned to stay involved in creating details for her wedding.  I wanted to share the process of these invitations because it is a blend of bride DIY and custom digital work.

Custom Digital + Bride DIY Invitations

Jamie knew that she wanted to print and assemble the invitation suite herself, so I designed this custom invitation (in English and Chinese), a matching envelope liner, and delivered it digitally.  Jamie was then able to DIY the whole wedding suite at home.

Design Tools:

DIY Invite Supplies: (purchased and assembled by Jamie)


Custom Chinese Invitation

Luckily I had a friend who I was able to contract to do the translation for this!  Just a tip, if you’re thinking you can do this with google translate… I would highly suggest against it.  According to my native Chinese speaking friends, it never turns out exactly right and will definitely need tweaking.


Envelope Calligraphy

A note on the envelope addressing: Jamie addressed all the envelopes herself, complete with a stamped and embossed return address.  I’m happy that she thought it would be fun to have a few calligraphy envelopes for photos and memories-sake, so I got to address a few - with fake names and addresses, of course!

A note about DIY-ing your own invites

While I am a huge fan of beautiful invitation suites (I spend way too much time browsing all the gorgeous collections on instagram), sometimes a person just wants to get in there and be the one putting it together themselves!  At least I know that I did - which is why I learned calligraphy.  Not to mention also hand cutting 110 envelope liners out from Rifle Paper Co wrapping paper - and enjoying it!  I designed the invite, sent it off to be letter-pressed and loved how it turned out!

If you are the type of person that wants to DIY your invitations and already knows your way around a software program like Adobe Illustrator, you can design your own invite and have it printed or letter-pressed and DIY the rest of the invitation suite.  To be really honest, it’s going to take time (and money).  If the purpose of DIYing your invitations is solely to save money, you likely will not save enough for it to be worth the stress and hassle.  And believe me, if you aren’t doing this out of passion, it will feel like stress and hassle.  My advice would be that if you know you will enjoy creating your invitations, learning a new skill and it’s something you WANT to do, then great! Definitely go for it!

Thanks for being here and reading!  I’m working behind the scenes to get a few items up in the shop and the envelope liner for Jamie’s invites is one of them.  I may also make this invitation available as a digital semi-custom invite!

Did you DIY your wedding invitations?  And how did it go (loved it, hated it)?