November: Free Monthly Wallpapers

November Monthly Wallpapers_thumb-desktop.jpg

After having your house broken into, your privacy violated, and your things stolen, you would think that there would be no space for gratitude. But for me, there are so many things to be grateful for this month. If you're on my email list, you know the story of what happened, but if you're not: our house was burglarized a few days ago.

I have a lot of thoughts around this event that I want to share along with details of my October trips to Taiwan, Bali and New York. But for now, there is a lot of clean up, house-keeping and sorting out how to get a new laptop so I can keep on running this small business of mine.  So for now, and probably for a short while, I'll be off getting life in order.

But first, a quick lesson-learned for you! I made these wallpapers the day before my laptop was stolen. I would have lost all my work if I didn't save to the cloud/a remote server/backup drive. So it pays to have a back-up of your digital files somewhere.

Stay safe and take care of each other. Of all the new stories I hear of people hurting each other, I know there is still more good out there than bad. I hope that you have a wonderful month of November and enjoy these wallpapers.

November Monthly Wallpapers_thumb-phone.jpg
November Monthly Wallpapers_thumb-mac.jpg


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