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October is the month that feels like the start of the holidays to me. I get excited about pumpkin flavored things and want the house to smell like fresh baked pie and cinnamon spice all the time.

I remember at one office where I worked, there was a particular friend and co-worker that would start playing holiday songs in October on his headphones while working. Well, maybe I’m remembering wrong - it could have been November but I just remember it was WAY before Christmas. It would always be around the time when the air had just turned crisp and chilly. Randomly one day, he would pop his head over the dividing panel between our desks and ask “Is it too early for holiday music? Because I’m going to start listening to it.” 

Whether or not you’re already celebrating by listening to holiday music, let’s enjoy the rest of the year. I know I have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate all year around, but the holidays make it that much more special.

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